Our Story


Kendall Bean Harper

Inspired by my grandmother, I have had a lifelong passion for tea. "A cup of tea" was a daily ritual, that I enjoyed with her, I even had a small unbreakable tea cup. Sweetened milk, hearty black tea and a touch of spice, her special milk latte. 


That passion persists today. Using my experience as an Event and Catering Manager, as well as, a dancer and actress, I started a tea party catering company to meet local demand. After that, I opened a tea lounge.

The latest iteration is Tea Fuuz (pronounced tea fuse), the online store - created to provide tea lovers with the ultimate experience by offering top quality loose leaf products and impeccable service, while sharing the variety and versatility of tea.


Tea Fuuz's array of whole loose leaf teas appeal to connoisseurs and novices, alike. We constantly strive for excellence in providing teas from around the world - with special emphasis on Kenya and Malawi - including black, green and white teas; oolongs; and  custom Tea Fuuz blends.

There is an extra fun line of teas, as a tribute to the Sleep Away Camp movie, in which I played Demi. They're all offered for purchase by weight to enjoy at home.

Our goal is to please our customers and to make the entire shopping experience as rewarding as possible.


We invite you to experience Tea Fuuz TODAY!

Exactly What is TEA?


All teas come from the Camellia sinensis  and Camellia sinensis Assam plants. The way the fresh tea leaves are processed and their length of contact with oxygen determine the resulting type of tea. Green and white teas are not oxidized; white teas are made from the youngest leaves which are quickly fired or steamed after plucking and then dried; green teas are mechanically rolled after firing or steaming prior to drying. Oolong teas are partially oxidized resulting in a light green to amber brew, and black teas are fully oxidized leading to a darker colored liquid.

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